About Janet

My name is Janet Cranford, and I’m a Career Change and Life Transition Coach who helps people in midlife rediscover their dreams and create meaningful work that fits who they are now.

Maybe you have a dream or a vision about what you want to do. Or you wish to somehow make a difference in your corner of the world. Maybe you don’t even know what your passion is. The very idea of starting over in midlife can seem frightening and more than a bit overwhelming.

JanetI spent many years in a career that I “fell into”. I was good at what I did, but it wasn’t the right fit. The problem was, I didn’t know what I really wanted to do – I felt stuck and not sure where to go next. The steps I finally took to change my career are the same steps that I share with you in my Authentic Career Change™ program. And I love what I’m doing now!

What led me to become a career coach? As a social worker, I worked with people who were at the end of their lives. Too many of them expressed regrets about not pursuing their dreams, about not making a difference. I started Career Change Pathways in 2006 to help people avoid that regret. The information and services I provide are designed to help you navigate through the sometimes frightening steps of changing to a more authentic career.

My experience prior to becoming a career coach includes over 20 years combined experience in counseling and nonprofit management. My unique blend of experience reflects my passion for making a difference on both the individual and organizational levels.

Below you’ll see a list of my experience and training. If you mix all of it together, you’ll find some common themes:

  • a good listener
  • organized and thorough
  • first-hand experience with career change and transitions
  • empathetic and intuitive
  • able to see the big picture and connect the dots
  • passionate about seeing people and organizations fulfill their potential
  • interested in making the world a better place

I welcome your input, your ideas, and your questions, and would love to hear from you on my blog or my contact page.

Professional Experience

  • Certified Career Coach and Founder of Career Change Pathways
  • Member of International Coach Federation
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Chief Financial Officer and CPA with several nonprofit organizations

Education and Certifications

  • Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC) – Career Coach Academy (program accredited by the International Coach Federation)
  • Graduate of Foundational Coach Training – Institute for Life Coach Training (ICF-accredited program)
  • Certified Retirement Coach – Retirement Options (ICF-accredited program)
  • Master’s degree in Social Work – Florida International University
  • Coursework in Business and Accounting (for CPA exam) – University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Bachelor’s degree in English – University of Texas at San Antonio

Changing careers can be all about transforming and reinventing yourself. Would you like to create a new chapter in your life?

Contact me today for a free consultation, and find out more about what it would be like to have authentic work that fits who you are. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


Janet Cranford, LCSW, CCMC
Career Change and Life Transition Coach

Certified Career Management CoachInstitute for Life Coach TrainingInternational Coach Federation
Certified Retirement Coach