Midlife Transition

The first time I made a major career change, I felt lost, very alone, and not at all sure I was doing the right thing. But some years later, as I began making my second career change, I discovered a transition model called the Cycle of Renewal that helped me make sense of what I […] Read More

In my last post I wrote about how to take an old dream and bring it to life. One of my readers sent me an email afterward, asking: “But what do you do when that dream starts to feel too big? I’m so ready to move forward, but I keep feeling overwhelmed.” Maybe you can […] Read More

If you’ve ever been tempted to give up on your dreams, I think you’ll find inspiration in this TED video. Amy Purdy is a snowboarder who lost both of her legs to an illness. Yet she says that given the chance, she would not want to change her situation. Using her imagination as a tool, […] Read More

I approached my first midlife career change as a problem to be solved, instead of appreciating it for what it could be – an opportunity to redesign my life. Like so many people, I based my early career decisions on what seemed practical at the time. The path I ended up taking had nothing to […] Read More

How do you handle change? I don’t always handle it well. As much as I value personal growth, I find myself holding back at times, afraid to let go of things in my life that are obviously no longer working. In a recent article about fears of loss and change in midlife, Douglas LaBier suggests […] Read More

I remember when I was trying to figure out what work I would rather be doing. I went to two career counselors, sat through numerous assessments and tests, and read every career book I could get my hands on, hoping to find the answer in those pages. What I really wanted was for someone to […] Read More

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield has become my favorite go-to book whenever I feel stuck. So I was delighted to see that he had written a new book called Do the Work. It’s a short book, and you probably won’t find any new concepts in it, but its messages gave me the kick […] Read More

Balancing life and work… is it even possible? Until two months ago, when I had my wake-up call, I didn’t think too much about living a balanced life. It took some rather frightening physical symptoms to make me finally realize that I was letting my work take precedence over other things that matter in my […] Read More