Use What You Don’t Like to Discover What You Want thumbnail

I’ve often thought how wonderful it must be to know from an early age what you want to do with your life… and then travel a straight path to get there. Apparently, though, there are an awful lot of us who don’t experience that certainty. The number one concern I hear from people in their […] Read More

Turn Your Work into a Calling thumbnail

Many of us reach midlife impatient to find our “calling.” We experience a nagging awareness that there’s something more we’re here to do, some difference we’re here to make. But we’re not sure what it is. People don’t usually see one clear calling or experience a sudden flash of insight. By the time we’re in […] Read More

Amy Purdy: Living Beyond Limits thumbnail

If you’ve ever been tempted to give up on your dreams, I think you’ll find inspiration in this TED video. Amy Purdy is a snowboarder who lost both of her legs to an illness. Yet she says that given the chance, she would not want to change her situation. Using her imagination as a tool, […] Read More

Cultural Creatives: Could You Be One? thumbnail

I was interested to see that a growing number of people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are starting small businesses or nonprofits, hoping to make a positive social impact in their own communities. I’m sure much of this increase is due to the current economic situation. But I also like to think we’re starting […] Read More

Creatively Redesigning Your Life thumbnail

I approached my first midlife career change as a problem to be solved, instead of appreciating it for what it could be – an opportunity to redesign my life. Like so many people, I based my early career decisions on what seemed practical at the time. The path I ended up taking had nothing to […] Read More

The Career Wisdom of Steve Jobs thumbnail

I’ve always thought of Steve Jobs as someone who knew how to listen to his heart and stay true to his dream. He was able to maintain his vision even when things weren’t going well for him. A year after he was diagnosed with cancer, he gave a commencement speech to graduating students at Stanford. […] Read More

Successfully Navigating Midlife Requires Letting Go thumbnail

How do you handle change? I don’t always handle it well. As much as I value personal growth, I find myself holding back at times, afraid to let go of things in my life that are obviously no longer working. In a recent article about fears of loss and change in midlife, Douglas LaBier suggests […] Read More

Using Alltop as a Career Change Resource thumbnail

If you love collecting information as much as I do, you’ll appreciate Alltop. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest stories from the top news websites and blogs in your areas of interest. And I’m excited to share with you that Career Change Pathways Blog is now on the Alltop Careers page! […] Read More